when things happen, they HAPPEN

Sometimes when you’re sick, things happen.  Pills are taken or things are mixed together in a mug and then ingested or foods of unpleasant combinations are eaten.  And we feel momentarily better and then so much worse.  Because these are things we learned from the internet.  We rub oils on our noses after the deciding putting lotion on a paper towel is the same thing as using a Puffs lotion-enhanced tissue.  It is not.  Our nose burns.  But the oil.  It burns, too.  We suffer as the oil burns and does not soothe.  It does not at all.

We turn down suggestions from professionals because are we not the professional body owners?? Of our own bodies?  I believe we are.  And we think we know best.  And when you feel like a sick pile of worm dumps, you think it would be great to try and fancy yourself up to feel better.  To look better is to feel better, sometimes.

We know nothing would be finer than to be an elegant spectacle.  Like Marla Hooch.

And so we make a spectacle of ourselves.  Because it seems like a good idea at the time.
So.  Here.  
From me to you.  
Even when you feel like poo on a shoe of a bear from Peru.
How to give yourself a Sexy Makeover.