Travel Notes!

a few e-mail excerpts to my mother from my travels of summer 2007:

“just got to Oslo after the neverending train ride from hell or to hell, or both. it was sooooooo long we almost died. I might actually be dead right now. WE didn’t have reserved seats so we had to seat hop and get up whenever someone had a res seat came to sit. I ended up sitting next to a foul old drunk man with scabby fingers for about 4 hours. He drank about 6 beers at least and some wine. He burped, snotted, made other weird noises - SO GROSS.”

“oh, i am going to be a millionaire superstar since i came up with a great party jam and the lyrics go-


that’s it. it’s a the making. you can breathe a huge sigh of relief for my future”

“we get free internet in this gay cafe that’s a hike from our hotel.”

“I’m a trooper. I’m delicate and beautiful like a flower, but a trooper. Like a flower who carries a gun. And wears fatigues.”

a few replies from my mother:

“I had never been to Oslo until yesterday that was ME with the native Americans I was the one on the pan flute I saw that you didn’t recognize me (I was the chubby one) in my warrior paint I was so into my pan flute serenade that unfortunately when I finished you and sara had vanished I asked Dad to use his dreamcatcher to find you to no avail he had stepped away to reserve some train tix oh well I just have a few more performances here and then dad and I will be heading LA Way.”

“flove and fstuff - fI’m fspeaking fNorweigen”

“ET PHONE HOME> It’s harder to reach you than ET, I think eventhough I never really tried to reach ET.”