surprises at every balloon

This kooky balloon is in New Zealand!  And it was built as advertising for their Yellowpages.  
First it was a restaurant.  Now it’s just an empty balloon structure you can rent for parties.  And events!!
I’ve wanted to go in a hot air balloon for quite a while now, so I guess getting on a plane to New Zealand and getting off that plane in New Zeland and then going to a special party planned for me in a wooden balloon built into a tree that’s used for sexy parties would be the next best thing.  

WAIT.  I’m distracted.
Hold the phone.  Hold it.  Between your thunder thighs.  Because.  
That is Joan Holloway’s husband?  This guy?
This guy is married to this lady?
As Miss Clavel would say…something is not right.  Well.  I’m sure he’s a lovely person.
The Madeline books always made me want to get my appendix taken out.  Or go to boarding school.  I forget which one.  By the by, this next movie looks just fantastic.
Especially after one person said this about it: “i wonder who would think of a movie where a mouse goes to Paris back and forth…on a bike…underground… its a mystery.”  You know who would think of that?  A genius, that’s who.  Mystery managed! What simpler way is there to travel than on a bicycle underground?  You avoid oceans and automotive traffic!  And Carl Reiner does a voice!  You’d have to be a complete monsterpig to not like Carl Reiner.  If Steve and Lily can get on board, surely that’s good enough for you. 
And Alice of Wonderland traveling to Paris seems like as good a place as any to go, if you ask me.  I mean, after a person has traveled to Wonderland, isn’t anywhere else kind of a let down?  Yeah.  Yeah, it is.

 That’s all there is.  There isn’t anymore.  


I hear these NYT Chocolate Chip Cookies are WONDERFUL.  But more on that later.