obligatory halloween disbelief

With Halloween just around the corner, of course ladies are gonna dress like their disgusting depraved creatures of the night.  But there is a limit.  And that was hit last evening.  It’s not even Halloween yet.  I get people are going to parties.  But.  This was just nasty.

It wasn’t accidental.  Or a result of some trickery saying there was an emergency underwear party.
It was just lingerie.  Not lingerie like an old timey Playboy Bunny costume.  Not lingerie with the guise of any decoration to be a sexy sailor, pilot, pirate, wizard, robot or anything!  Just lingerie.

Lingerie is not a costume.  This woman was actually wearing a piece of bottom underwear that went up between where her butt is split.  You could see each cheek.  And over that she had on a see through undergarment with feathers where her boobs should be.  This is called a teddy, or, as I just looked up and like better, a camiknicker.  Either way, I don’t want to see it tromping down the street encasing a person but revealing everything with its sheer vulgarity.  It is not a Halloween costume!  

It.  Is just.  Nasty.

I don’t want to see some stranger’s butt jiggling its way down the street.  I just don’t.  Undergarments are just that.  For undering.  They are not overgarments.

Then again.

Maybe that woman should be admired for not even pretending her costume is supposed to be something else.  She just decided to wear underwear that should be kept inside one’s bedroom or preferably never purchased in the first place.  She was brave and threw it all out there on the table.  She didn’t stick ears on it and call it a mouse.  
She was just like - “Taking back the night!  Marching around in my underwear!  BAM!  Halloween means underpants EXPOSED!  It means ass cheeks on parade!”  And that is the true spirit of Halloween, is it not? 

But she probably shouldn’t be admired - you probably should never admire a woman who exposes her buttcheeks in public.  Nor should you admire a woman who invites you for tea and then you get to the door and she’s pantless, facing you butt-forward.

I’m not saying you have to wrap yourself up like a mummy, exposing none of your skin.  I’m not saying you have put some big old teeth in your mouth and wear a wedding dress.
I’m not saying a lot of things.

I’m just saying:  I don’t want to see your butt cheeks.