C-MAS! + food glorious food

So, a Special C-mas Special Holiday Video is coming soon and I’ve been inspired to do another round of cooking! Something like

Nigella! Who wouldn’t want to cook like Nigella?? The NY Times described her-
“Lawson, of course, also fits the part: everything about her looks ripe, from her brown eyes to her full lips to her breasts, which are accentuated by tight sweaters. Lawson’s sexy roundness – at 41, she edged out Rob Lowe for the most beautiful TV personality, according to The Daily Express – mixed with her speed-demon technique, makes cooking dinner with Nigella look like a prelude to an orgy.”

She edged out Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe! Rob Lowe?? He’s so beautiful though!
Oops! Maybe I was thinking of Dana Carvey.

Probably. This just in! British people are DUMB! Apparently, Nigella’s book was written with sentences that were too long for readers to follow. STUPIDS!

I wouldn’t worry about them if I was Nigella. She has her snacks to keep her warm.

This next lady has a cookery book, too!
Who is it?? Guess!

You guessed correctly! It’s Sophie Dahl, Roald Dahl’s granddaughter! She doesn’t have any video clips or her cooking but she is naked in that perfume ad and her grandfather did write a buttload of really great stories and books! What did you ever do? I’ll tell you what you didn’t! That’s appear naked in an ad for perfume, write a cookery book, and have one of the most wonderful writers ever for a grandfather!! That’s what you didn’t do! What did you do? Maybe, probably not, but maybe, had a grandfather with a dog. But Roald? He didn’t have one. Not one. Anyone can have one dog! But, TWO?? Roald Dahl had two. SHAZAM!
At least two! Probably. I don’t know much about his personal life. But it seems he would have at least two, some cats thrown in there, and some kooky animals like flying squirrels. KABAM!

In the spirit of C-mas, I recommend eating some of these

While wearing this enormous bow
Coming soon after the special C-mas holiday video special, I’ll be bringing you one of my old Classic Cooking Adventures, with VIDEO. HOT TIPS coming soon!