birds and bees

This is sort of gross. Yet educational. And it looks just as darn tooting entertaining as all get out. It’s National Geographic.

Speaking of INSECTS. I made this.
Out of threads and linens!!!! And a fat needle! And my hands that are like gnarled trees! Speaking of bees, there was an angry beehive right outside my window for a long time. I would find dead bees in my bathroom. It would be bad enough to find one bee, but once I discovered 9 or so corpses in my bee graveyard, and that is more than enough. It was more than I could bare. A man was called to eradicate the bees and until today I thought the deed had been done and the bees had been done in and all was done and gone. But, no! I was out in the backyard, playing with my blonde hog of a tiny furry dog and what do I hear but a buzzing coming from the trees! Now, in my experience, trees aren’t meant to buzz - at least not loudly enough for people to hear! So I creep closer than my comfort lets me and I see bees! In the flowers of the trees! Thank god not in my gnarled tree hands, but still - in the flowers on my tree! I didn’t say they should move from in between the walls of bedroom and the outdoors to a tree. I didn’t say it at all! So I hightailed it back indoors, scared for my doghog and myself.

I love arts and farts and crafts, but not necessarily in that order. As you can see I craft things like that bee above. That above bee. So I will share a craft with you!! OR. If anyone cares to weigh in on what you want to see - LOOK BELOW THIS NOW
and if you don’t give a flying fig I’ll just do what I want!! Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment or call my personal car phone. In one I’m wearing a lot of lipstick, some might say too much. In the other I’m wearing a lot of lipstick and I’m acting like a cat. So make the most important decision of my life for me. Or I’ll have to flush it down the toilet at prom.