232 Gum Drop Lane!

I wish I lived on Gum Drop Lane. One day…a girl can dream…it must be sad if your dream is to live on Gum Drop Lane. I was just kidding when I said I wished that. But when I said that I wished that you were probably totally like, “Me too!” That’s so embarrassing for you.

I’m now in Utah. The land of milk & honey. Yes, it truly is the land of plenty. A land where one can make slightly above minimal amounts of money while having housing options provided to them for limited and inconvenient periods of time. YES. A land where trolleys and free buses roam the lands like wild boars charging for the horizon, with total disregard for timetables and ease of point-to-point travel. GREATNESS.

There’s snow and mountains and now there is ME.

To Commemorate an Imagined Squirrel’s Imagined Death-

snow falls
tree falls
squirrel falls
snow’s fallen
tree’s fallen
squirrel’s dead